1959 Born in Shiga Prefecture.

1978 Graduated from Kyoto Municipal Hiyoshigaoka Senior High School, Urushi Craft.

1981 Accepted for the Nitten Exhibition.
        Accepted for the Kyoto Art Exhibition.
        Accepted for the All-Kansai Art Exhibition.

1982 Accepted for Japan New Craft Artist Exhibition.
        Awarded Grand prix at the Hikone Art Exhibition.

1985 Awarded Mayor's prize at the Kyoto Art Exhibition.

1992 Nominated as an exhibitor for "Contemporary Arts and Crafts Kyoto".
        Requested to exhibit for Kyoto Crafts Exhibition.

1993 Awarded Third prize at the ALL-kansai Art Exhibition.
        Nominated as a member of the Kyoto Art and Crafts ArtistsAssociation.
        Sent a work to the Kyoto Art and Craft Artists Association exhibition.

1994 Accepted for Kyoto Crafts Biennale '94
        Awarded promotion prize at the Kyoto Art and Craft Artists Association Exhibition.

1995 Requested to exhibit for Contemporary Arts and Crafts Kyoto Exhibition.

1996 Instructor of the Urushi art Course for the Researchers' training of Traditional Industry in Kyoto Municipal Technology Research Institute.
        Requested to exhibit for Mokushitsu(Wood and Lacquer).
        Artists Exhibition for Japan-Korea Exhibition.

1997 Accepted for the Shiga Art Exhibition.

1999 Studied in England and France by the support of The Gen-Foundation.

2000 Recommended as a member of the Shiga Arts and Crafts Association.
        Sent a work to the Shiga Arts and Crafts Association Exhibition.
        Awarded the Prize from the President of a Board of Education of Ohtsu at Ohtsu Art Exhibition.
        Nominated as an exhibitor for ArtExchange Exhibition.
        Between Ohtsu city, Japan and Kumi city, Korea.
        Awarded Grand Prix at the Shiga Art Exhibition.

        12Messages of Urushi [Japanese Lacquer ware] from Kyoto.
        Awarded Grand Prize at Ohtsu Art Exhibition.

2004 Dyeing and Japanese lacquer ware Two Person Exhibition.
        Exhibition inbitation in The Gen-Foundation First presentation evening in LONDON.

2005 Instructor of the industrial arts and crafts Makie course in Traditional Arts Super College Of Kyoto.

2006 Japanese lacquer and pottery -Beautiful space- Four-person exhibition at Art Space Mitsuhashi.
        Awarded promotion prize at rising artists support of the Heiwado foundation.
        OHGI Creators Exhibition at Seian University of Arts and Design:Art site.
        Kyoto Japanese lacquer Artists, Two-Person Exhibition at Zouhiko, Tokyo
        Awarded the Prize from the President of the Kyoto Shimbun, 18th Soko-kai Exhibition.

2007 California Gift Show in Los Angeles.
        Exhibition invitation for Asahi Modern Craft Exhibition.

2008 Jewelry by Artists Exhibition, at Art Space Mitsuhashi.
        Tea Links east and west at Kyoto Gion karyoubin.
        Opal and Amber...meets with Japanese Lacquer -KENJI OMACHI MAKIE Exhibition at Gionishi ginza shop.
        Studied in London and Shanghai by the support of The Gen-Foundation.

2009 "Saikiko" Exhibition invitation for grand opening of Kyoto-wabiza.
        "Saikiko" KENJI OMACHI -KYOMAKIE Exhibition at Gallery oishi.
        22th INSA KOREAN ART & CULTURE FESTIVAL in Seoul, Korea.

2010 "Saikiko", Accepted for the first tea ceremony of the year at hu-an, the future construction at Fukuoka tenjin IMS.
        "Saikiko ring case" was requested to exhibit for reference, Kyocera Jewelry Competition.
        Accepted for Kyoto Crafts Biennale`10.
        "Saikiko" Exhibition invitation at "manjiro's party", Hoshonohgakudo.
        "Saikiko" Requested to exhibit for APEC JAPAN 2010 at Yokohama.

2011 KENJI OMACHI KYOMAKIE Exhibition "Saikiko", Artforum-sen.
        KENJI OMACHI "Saikiko" Exhibition, Hasegawa Ginza shop.
        EL PUENTE Three-nation cultural exhanges Exhibition Japan, Italia, Venezuela at Fukuoka Art Museum.

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